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houseboat watergruwel Amsterdam

Watergruwel 19M studio
 Not available at this time
Houseboat vrije muselaer amsterdam
Vrij Muselaer 25M 2 bed
Not available at this time
Houseboat realengracht Amsterdam
    Realengracht 25M 1 bed



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Amsterdam residential rentals during Covid;

Throughout the Covid epidemic, life has gone on. Slower than before of course.

Rental contracts end, new ones are signed, some people moved out of the city, some returned.

Generally speaking, rental rates for new contracts are lower, scaling back to where they were a few years ago.

Viewing properties is (sometimes) harder now. Properties that are still occupied will generate concerns for everyone. Travel restriction mean that a journey to view properties and sign a lease before your moving date is probably impractical if you don’t live within the city (or close by).

When viewing properties during Covid, it’s respectful to wear a mask and gloves, and if possible only have 1 person enter the property.

Zoom viewings are possible, and we have done that. But it’s a poor substitute for in person viewing.

Properties and tenants continue to find each other, as before.

Let's all just continue to be careful.



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