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For sale Te Koop
houseboat watergruwel Amsterdam

Watergruwel 19M studio
 Not available at this time
Houseboat vrije muselaer amsterdam
Vrij Muselaer 25M 2 bed
Not available at this time
Houseboat realengracht Amsterdam
    Realengracht 25M 1 bed



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The Motorised houseboat, Vrije Muselaer, at Houthavens.

Amsterdam Haparandasteiger



Houseboat Vrije Muselaer Amsterdam

Haparandasteiger 14

You can see the weather coming at Danzigerkade. sometimes it's very pretty.

Amsterdam Harbor haparandadijk

The brand new pier with hardwood deck. Haparandasteiger is a very friendly and quiet place, an island of calm in the city.





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