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Hoe krijg ik de gasleiding van een woonboot los?


How to get the (Amsterdam houseboat) gaspipe loose;

This can be difficult if it hasn't been unscrewed for a while. I suggest making sure you're able to get it loose days before your appointment to go to the shipyard.

Amsterdam woonboot gasleiding

The first thing to do is to shut off the gas supply in the meter box on the street. this box is always close to where the pipe enters the canal wall. Insert and turn the key, then pull the key outwards; the whole cylinder will pivot out on a lever, releasing the cabinet door. Inside you'll see the shutoff valve.

Your hose will  look like the photo above. Each end is the same, and it doesn't matter which end you take off. The stiff heavy hose might be in the way if it's left on the boat; on the other hand, if you disconnect it from the boat end you'll have to make sure it doesn't fall in the water while you're away.

You'll need 2 wrenches. Any of the ones below are acceptable. The pipe wrench [on the left] tends to chew up the fittings. The big adjustable is good, but the really big ones like this are expensive.

Important tip; It's very easy to drop the tools into the water while doing this, so tie a piece of string to each one and attach the other end to something.

 gas leidingen gereedschap

You'll probably need "cheater pipes" to make the handles longer the first time you break it loose.

Now use one wrench to hold the "pipe" end of the fitting, and your second tool to unscrew the "collar". The hose shouldn't need to rotate, but if it's rusted and stuck to the collar, you can break it loose by holding it steady with one wrench while rotating the collar with the other. Spray a little penetrating oil [WD-40] at it.

As it comes lose, you'll need to hold up the hose with one hand while unscrewing the collar with the other.

Next important tip; before you put it back together, grease the threads. Then it will be easy next time.






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